BEHNA: DISGUSTING! Here Are 5 Tweets From Liberals Mocking #UnbornLivesMatter

Want to know of a twitter hashtag that will make the left upset? Its #unbornlivesmatter, and its been starting to trend over the past couple of days when #ProtestPP was also formed as many pro-lifers nationwide took part in pro-life rallies on Saturday.

While many conservatives and pro-lifers used the hashtags to their advantage, liberals took to twitter again to spread lies and distortions.

Good will defeat evil. The pro-life movement will win, and we will overturn Roe V Wade one day.

But what do you think about these tweets from liberals? Please comment below and share on facebook and twitter.

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Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree News Ninja. DISCLAIMER: The postings on these site are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the State of Illinois or any other employer.

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