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Creative Commons Senator Elizabeth Warren, Photo By Ben Wikler, Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

BEHNA: Elizabeth Warren Claims EPA Pick Scott Pruitt Opposes Clean Air And Drinking Water

Thursday on Twitter, Senator Elizabeth Warren implied that EPA nominee Scott Pruitt wants people to breathe dirty air and drink dirty water.

She tweeted the following.

“In the choice between corporate polluters & people who want to breathe the air & drink the water, Scott Pruitt sides with the polluters.”

It sounds very familiar. Like the time when President Obama made the same claim about Republicans.

These are the fear tactics environmentalists, and climate-change alarmists use against their opponents. Pruitt wants clean air and water just as much as Warren and everyone else does.

Warren is just playing politics. She is lying to get her colleagues to delay and block every nominee.

It would not be the first time she lied. She even faked her Native American ethnicity to get elected to the Senate.

Warren thinks she is above the rules. In the past week, she was punished breaking Senate Rule 19 for impugning Jeff Sessions and warned multiple times. As a result, she pretended she was a victim of the ordeal.

Pruitt will be up for a Senate vote on Friday. Every GOP Senator needs to get on board for him because it appears every Democrat, including Joe Manchin, will vote no. It is going to be close because Democrats consider Pruitt, another controversial candidate.

However, if everyone votes along party lines, Pruitt can still be confirmed with 52 GOP votes, leaving Elizabeth Warren sad and disappointed.

I am convinced he will run the EPA better than the administrators under President Obama.

What do you think about Warren’s tweet? Comment below to let us know.

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