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Creative Commons 2009 Oscars, Photo By Greg Hernandez, Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

BEHNA: GOOD! Twitter Users Slam Asghar Farhadi For Criticizing U.S. On Human Rights #Oscars

On Sunday, Iranian filmmaker, Asghar Farhadi, boycotted the Oscars because of President Donald Trump’s executive order that placed a temporary freeze on seven countries.

He criticized the U.S., despite winning an Academy Award for his film “The Salesman.”

In response, Twitter users responded to his boycott.

Asghar Farhadi wins Best Foreign Language film, uses his speech to insult the country hosting the event that just gave him an award.

So the Iranian guy is lecturing a government that doesn’t put gay people to death about human rights, huh? Cool.

In Iran they kill people for being gay. But ya go ahead and lecture us on our government.

When an Iranian is applauded lecturing USA & a patriot is booed you know the liberals have crossed the line. Any wonder they lost ALL power?

Yeah, let the guy from Iran lecture us on human rights and humanity.

Impressive that the Oscars managed to feature an Iranian winner lecturing Americans about human rights.

Foreign film translation: Iranian filmmakers don’t like new POTUS because they’re used to former POTUS kissing their behinds.

The Iranian Best Foreign Film winner took a swipe at Trump, but the maniacal, terrorizing ayatollahs of his country got a pass.

So far, mocks Trump, thinks acting is the most honorable profession & an Iranian lectured America on human rights.

We give an Iranian film maker an award & he writes us a lecture on our government. How about he go lecture his own Iranian leaders?

I agree. Pretty absurd for Farhadi to be lecturing us on human rights because he doesn’t like one of Trump’s policies.

What do you think about his boycott? Comment below and let us know.

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