BEHNA: Here’s 15 Lies Obama Made During His Farewell Speech #ObamaFarewell

Watching President Obama make his final speech in Chicago, I thought it was time to tally the lies he said. While the crowd was cheering with standing ovations, I wasn’t too swayed by his speech and felt his distortions still needed to be called out.

1) Huge jobs creation

Obama doesn’t admit both the type of jobs created and the number of jobs lost under his past eight years. Not only were so many part-time and government jobs created, but he omitted the number of jobs that were destroyed due to his red tape and endless number of harmful government regulations.

His biggest job killers have clearly been Obamacare and his “green” agenda in the name of “saving the earth.”

2) We shut down Iran getting a nuclear weapon

This horrendous deal Obama pushed to try to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear arms did nothing. In fact all it did was delay the time Iran could take to rebuild its weaponry and we still got nothing for it in return.

And why would the Obama Administration ever trust Iran? They’re our political enemies that cannot be trusted. Yet they’ve spent more time attacking Israel, one of our closest allies we have.

3) Gave Health insurance to 20 million people

I doubt if this stat is true, and Obama doesn’t include those who were forced to have healthcare they didn’t like or include the millions who have lost their plans, thanks to the wreckless regulations and policies of Obamacare, which needs to be repealed at replaced. He is so hellbent on his socialized view on healthcare, while the solution is free-market healthcare that would help give much more people affordable healthcare without getting the government involved.

4) Our country is a better and stronger nation than it was eight years ago

The question is what Obama thinks is better. The reality is we’re not better off when it comes to fiscal policies, foreign affairs, or social platforms. We’re divided, have a stagnant economy, and look weaker on the international level since Obama first entered office. I was completely embarassed for our country when he was re-elected in 2012, but thank goodness that comes to an end in 10 days.

5) We’re still the most respected nation on Earth

I wish we were still the most respected nation, but under Obama, that is no longer the case. He has attacked our allies, alligned with our enemies, and thanks to his weak presence on the international stage, our enemies are laughing at how weak we look. Iran is still on the threat of nuclear arms, communist Cuba still kills their own people, and allowing Syria to cross his “red line” threat numerous times.

6) Economy is growing again and poverty is falling

More people are on some form of welfare than when Obama took office. When we have an economy growing at a rate of 1 to 2% a year under his two terms, that’s not large growth. That’s called a stagnant economy.

7) Unemployment rate is at a 10 year low

Where is the source for this? The unemployment rate is much higher than it appears because, once again, it doesn’t take into account the millions of individuals who gave up looking for work altogether.

8) Healthcare costs are rising at the lowest rate in 50 years

Notice he doesn’t say lowering costs. He conceded costs are rising, just not as high of a rate, whether or not that is true. And what happened to Obama’s biggest lie of “you can keep your healthcare plan” if you like it? When he claimed he would help lower premiums, the average individual have seen theirs rise by $7,500. This is the danger of having the government take over 1/6 of the entire American economy.

9) Race relations are better than they were 10, 20 years ago.

Obama has done more to divide this country than to heal it. Last year, Chicago had nearly 800 murders take place, but Obama, Sharpton, and other so-called civil rights activists did nothing to address this problem.

10) Incomes last year rose for all age groups.

Try telling this to the average American. I don’t think the average person in the middle class felt this effect take place. In fact, more Americans are losing wealth, thanks to higher taxes, higher health premiums under Obamacare, and more regulations.

11) All of our fellow citizens love America as much as we do

Clearly not every single individual does. Has Obama seen the pictures of individuals stomping and setting American flags on fire when Trump was elected? Or take into account demostic terrorists that either attempt to plot future terrorist attacks or have the desire to do so. Yes, most individuals probably love America, but Obama clearly ignored those that also hate everything America stands for.

12) We’ve improved our climate

Obama neglects to mention how much his so called green policies and regulations have hurt the coal and natural gas sector. Pretty sad and pathetic that the government also tends to be so ineffective. For example, don’t forget about the time when our own incompetent EPA “accidentally” spilled toxic chemicals into the Colorado river in 2015. How’s that for “improving” our climate?

13) No foreign terrorist group has sucessfully plotted or planned a terrorist attack in the past eight years

Did Obama seriously forget about Orlando, Fort Hood, which he calls “workplace violence”, or San Bernardino? And he once again took credit for taking out Bin Laden, but fails to give credit to the intelligence efforts under the Bush Administration that helped lead to his capture.

14) We need to make it easier to vote

This is liberal code for “voter ID is racist and should be taken away.” When the left says they want to make voting easier, they tend to refer to this. It should not be easy to vote to the point where you don’t need to show any form of ID. It makes absolutely no sense to allow anyone to vote for the person who will be taking the highest office of the land without proving who you are. We need to show ID for so many aspects of our lives, and showing it to vote should be no exception.

15) Our policies helped most Americans

Record high unemployment, more racial division, and not being as safe from future terrorist attacks, we’re clearly worse off now than when we were eight years ago. I knew this farewell speech was going to be filled with more lies and a false sense of hope. Americans are tired of the past eight years and are hurting from the stagnant economy as a result.

Obama clearly lied in this speech, but this is no surprise. He is no stranger to lying to push his leftist agenda, and fortunately with ten days before he leaves office, this will be one of the last times we will have to put up with hearing his lies and false rhetoric.

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