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BEHNA: Illinois Senate Passes Bill Replacing Term “Illegal Alien” With “Undocumented Immigrant”

A couple weeks ago, the Illinois Senate narrowly passed a bill that would allow public universities to give financial aid to illegal aliens. This time, they passed SB 3021, a bill that bans the term “illegal alien” and replaces is with “undocumented immigrant” when using immigration services in the state.

The synopsis of the bill is offered below.

Amends the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act. In the Section concerning immigration services, changes the word “alien” to “undocumented immigrant” when “alien” refers to someone not legally admitted to the United States, with regard to the exemption for an organization employing or seeking to employ aliens or nonimmigrant aliens from the requirements in law for providing immigration assistance services.

The bill passed the Senate 44-7 on May 3rd, now going to the House.

This is absurd. Its political correctness gone wild! By definition, one who is not a legal United States citizen is called an “illegal alien” not to demean anyone, but because its a fact. They’re illegal.

With Illinois as the only state in the entire nation that still has a budget impasse, its absurd that time is being spent focusing on a pointless bill such as this. We have much more important issues such as debt, pensions, and big government that plagues this state. Illinois has better get its act together.

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