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Creative Commons Illinois State Capitol Building, Photo By Jeff Sharp, Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

BEHNA: Illinois Senate Passes Bill To Offer Illegal Alien Students Financial Aid

On April 20th, the Illinois Senate passed SB 2196, a bill that would permit universities to offer financial aid for illegal aliens. This vote came to a couple of weeks after it passed the Higher Education Committee, 7 to 3.

The Senate passed the bill on 3rd reading, 30 to 19, making it by just one vote in the 58-seat Senate. It now heads over to the House. There are 118 members in the lower chamber, and since a simple majority of 60 is all that is needed for passage, it seems doable because there are currently 71 Democrats in the House. This controversial bill has been voted along party lines, so do not expect many, if any, Democrats to oppose this.

Now as if education isn’t already competitive enough nowadays, this bill will force legal Illinoisans to compete for financial aid with illegal aliens. Advocates of the bill will claim that it is not the fault of some of these kids if their parents chose to come here illegally. But it is not the fault of legal citizens either for following the law and the bottom line is we are also a nation of laws. Those supporters may not like the sound of this, but illegal means illegal. Period. And if they think that’s being rigid, they should be reminded that America is already the most generous when it comes to immigration compared to other countries.

The bottom line is that this is another bad bill that should be stopped. Ultimately, it isn’t fair that legal citizens should have to compete with illegals for financial aid. It was a mistake for the Senate to pass it, and at this point, it will be up to either the House or Governor Rauner to stop it.

What do you think about this bill? Comment below and let us know.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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