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BEHNA: Lawsuit By “Clock Boy” Filed Against Conservative Ben Shapiro Has Been Dismissed

On Thursday, a lawsuit filed in October 2015 by Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed’s father, Mohamed Mohamed, against Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro has been dismissed by a Texas Judge.

Katie Pavlich of Townhall covers the story.

Claiming defamation, Mohamed filed the lawsuit in October 2015 after Shapiro made an appearance on The Kelly File questioning Ahmed’s story and motives surrounding a clock he brought to school that looked like a bomb.

Today, they were defeated in their quest to silence those who exposed them as activists, terror sympathizers and politically motivated.

Shapiro tweeted a picture of the ruling.

Not only did Clock Boy and his father attempted to push this bogus lawsuit, but as a reminder, the clock he built was widely considered a hoax.

Ian Tuttle of National Review explained it in 2015.

Over the weekend, a blogger at Artvoice “reverse engineered” Ahmed’s clock from media photographs. His conclusion:

Somewhere in all of this – there has indeed been a hoax. Ahmed Mohamed didn’t invent his own alarm clock. He didn’t even build a clock. . . . He took apart an existing clock, and transplanted the guts into a pencil box, and claimed it was his own creation.

Because he was considered a victim and built a fake clock, even President Obama invited him to the White House. Fortunately, the judge dismissing this had more wisdom and saw through the deceit of the lawsuit.

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