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BEHNA: Liberal Twitter Users Commemorate Trayvon Martin On 5th Anniversary Of His Death

Sunday marked the 5th anniversary when Trayvon Martin got killed in the deadly exchange between him and George Zimmerman.

Defenders of Trayvon Martin say he was unjustly killed and murdered, while those defending Zimmerman believe it was self-defense.

Below are some of the top Twitter users in support of Trayvon who tweeted in remembrance of him using the #TrayvonMartin hashtag.

On the 5th anniversary of when was killed, we must strive for an America where everyone can safely walk down the street.

Sharing my closing thoughts on the 5 year memorial anniversary of . See you next week & thanks for tuning in.

5 years ago, the system of white supremacy allowed the racial lynching of an innocent child

5 yrs ago 2day was killed. 5 yrs later our hoodies r still up bc the movement is still strong

Five years ago today, this man shot in the chest and was allowed to go home and sleep in his own bed…

Remembering and dreaming of a world where our Black youth don’t have to fear anyone or anything.

may not be on this earth but his memory lives on in the movement & the work that so many do every day to protect our people.

the life of ; we will never forget your legacy and continue to fight for justice for you.

Today is the 5th anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s murder. My thoughts, sympathies, and solidarity are with Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

5 years ago I put baby Munchie in a hoodie and together we marched for … tonight I’m still as emotional as i was that day

5 years ago today.

On the 5th anniversary of ‘s murder, please read this piece from :

Today we honor by continuing to fight for racial justice.

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