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Creative Commons Mike Pence, Photo By Gage Skidmore ©2016, Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

BEHNA: Twitter Users Equate Mike Pence’s Personal Email To Clinton’s Email Scandal

Twitter users criticized Mike Pence after it was discovered his private email as governor got hacked.

Pence should not have used a personal email for public work.

Vice President Pence, 1999 called. It wants its AOL screenname, email address, AIM account and dial-up modem back. !

Oh don’t worry everyone. Pence, who attacked Hillary for using private email, says his private email use isn’t bad. Whew!

Life comes at you fast when you’re Mike Pence

Also, why no RAGE against Mike Pence for being caught using a private email server—that was hacked

Based on the Trump/Schumer/Pelosi photo flaps & the Hillary/Pence email comparisons, it is very clear we have a severe analogy crisis in USA

But Hillary’s emails!!! *smdh*

tomi lahren talking about hillary using a private email server vs tomi lahren talking about mike pence using a private email server

Hillary: email could have been hacked! Pence: email was hacked. Sessions: talked to the hackers.

Wasn’t this was Hillary’s problem? Pence used personal email for state business — and was hacked

Prediction: Republicans call for an investigation to see if Hillary Clinton sent these emails from Pence’s phone.

Pence used a private email account for state business. Similar to Hillary, though he used AOL and she had homebrew server in Chappaqua.

Pence attacked Clinton for email while conducting public business using AOL account that was hacked

VP Pence, who railed against Clinton’s email use, used a personal email account for official business & got hacked

The 14th grants equal protection under the law for all citizens. Pence is owed the same Congressional response Hillary got.

After all the crap over Hillary’s emails, Pence is trying to keep his own emails secret

I’m excited to find out what National Secrets were in your COMPROMISED EMAILS.

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