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Creative Commons John Boehner, Photo By Gage Skidmore ©2011, Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

BEHNA: My Top Choice To Replace John Boehner As House Speaker: DAVE BRAT

With House Speaker John Boehner announcing his resignation for the end of October, I have my top 3 choices that I think would be phenomenal replacements.

1) Dave Brat

His congressional election was historic when he defeated Eric Cantor in 2014. Brat is a big time conservative, who was primarily focused on his opposition to amnesty and illegal immigration. It was probably one of the biggest upsets, and rightfully so because the American people had their voices heard. They’re tired of career politicians who don’t have a backbone. Brat is very principled, and I have the utmost confidence that he will carry his same principles to the Speaker position if he runs.

2) Justin Amash

He is a great libertarian-minded tea party congressman from Michigan. He also is young, courageous, and especially very principled in his belief of smaller, simpler government. Like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, Amash is one of the few politicians in D.C. who really listens to the American people and does not associate with the GOP Establishment.

3) Louie Gohmert

Also associated with the Tea Party, Gohmert has good name recognition when it comes to House Speaker since he ran for the position in early 2015. Although Boehner won that re-election, the Texas congressman might have a good shot again with the seat being vacant.

There is one thing these 3 have in common. They’re principled conservatives. They don’t just talk the talk, but they walk the walk too. They don’t just put on an act during the campaign trail, but they keep the promises they make.

Who is your choice for the new House Speaker? Comment below and please share on Facebook and Twitter.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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