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BEHNA: NO WAY! Historians Ranked Obama 12th Best President In New C-SPAN Survey

In a new C-SPAN survey released on Friday, 91 historians ranked President Barack Obama as the 12th best president in U.S. history.

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Franklin D. Roosevelt finished in the top three, while James Buchanan was last.

Here is the methodology of the survey.

C-SPAN’s academic advisors devised a survey in which participants used a one (“not effective”) to ten (“very effective”) scale to rate each president on ten qualities of presidential leadership: “Public Persuasion,” “Crisis Leadership,” “Economic Management,” “Moral Authority,” “International Relations,” “Administrative Skills,” “Relations with Congress,” “Vision/Setting An Agenda,” “Pursued Equal Justice for All,” and “Performance Within the Context of His Times.”

Surveys were distributed to historians and other professional observers of the presidency, drawn from a database of C-SPAN’s programming, augmented by suggestions from the academic advisors.

For the category pursued equal justice for all, Obama ranked third. What is their definition of this? If we are going to talk about equal justice, let’s include this:

1. Obama’s IRS targeted conservative organizations.

2. Obama did not give equal justice for the unborn.

3. Obama was biased towards Fox News more than any other news outlet.

How is that equal justice for all?

George W. Bush ranked 33rd, which is 21 spots lower. Even Richard Nixon somehow scored higher (28th) despite the Watergate Scandal.

For economic management adding $10 trillion to the national debt in two terms is not a good thing. And Obamacare destroying one-sixth of the economy does not help.

This survey sounds a bit skeptical. Therefore, I am not buying Obama being 12th out of 44 presidents.

What do you think about these results? Comment below to let us know.

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