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Creative Commons Sarah Silverman, Photo By Gage Skidmore ©2012, Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

BEHNA: OOPS! Comedian Sarah Silverman Thought Construction Markers Were Swastikas

On Sunday, liberal comedian Sarah Silverman was walking to get coffee and tweeted a picture of some orange symbols. She thought they were swastikas, but turned out to be construction markings.

She got ripped on Twitter for it, and rightfully so. Silverman is like many other leftist Hollywood celebrities part of the “resistance” movement.

Eventually, she admitted to making a mistake.

Do these liberals have to see racism in everything? My first reaction to the construction markings is that they look more like the letter x in cursive.

When people like her wanted to create military coups during the Milo riots, she gets blasted for it. Then they wonder why nobody likes them.

It reminded me when Madonna thought about “blowing up” the White House. I am not sure what is wrong with these celebrities, but they should think before they act.

At least Silverman acknowledged she was wrong about the picture. But on Monday, she showed her frustration after Twitter made fun of her.

She did not like being called a “dummy.”

She blamed others for the tweet. So much for taking responsibility for her actions.

I do not like Steve Bannon either but sounds like she felt embarrassed from the original tweet. Then Silverman blames Trump for it. Except he did not tell her to tweet that those construction markers were swastikas.

My advice to Sarah Silverman is not to see everything as racist. Some of these celebrities attempt to politicize everything, and people do not like it.

What do you think about her mistake? Comment below to let us know.

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