BEHNA: Ted Cruz Didn’t Ruin His Career For Not Endorsing Trump. He Saved It!

With Ted Cruz being heroic in his refusal to endorse GOP nominee Donald Trump, the Trump base claimed that this would ruin and destroy his career.

Radio host Laura Ingraham was one of many Trump fans who believed this would hurt him in the long run.

However, Cruz is up for re-election in the U.S. Senate in 2018, and if he runs again for president in 2020, this is years away, and the average voter will forget the boos from last night’s speech.

The main thing most voters will remember when they look back at Cruz’s speech is that he was the ONLY individual speaker at the 2016 convention who refused to endorse the GOP nominee. They will also remember him as someone not being afraid to stand on principles, despite the boos and hate he received. Supporting the right thing isn’t always suppose to be the easy thing to do.

I’ve read on social media that another reason why some Trump fans believed Cruz should have endorsed him is because Ronald Reagan did the same for Gerald Ford in 1976 after a very close primary race. However, this is comparing apples to oranges, simply because it is two different elections and two different situations. Just because Reagan endorsed Ford in 1976 doesn’t mean Cruz is obliged to endorse Trump in 2016.

Plus, Ted Cruz is simply being consistent in his message, which is always standing up for constitutional conservatism, even if he’s the only one standing up for it. The similar theme was played during the 2013 government “shutdown” when he was one of the very few Republicans who kept his campaign promises and fought his hardest against Obamacare. If he were to have endorsed Trump, then he wouldn’t be his true self. He would fall into the category of most other politicians who break their promises after they’re in office.

To reemphasize, I can guarantee voters will not look back years later and say “Cruz was booed at that one speech, I’m not supporting him.” Voters want politicians who keep their promises, and so far, last night was a key example of that. Cruz promised to uphold the Constitution, and that includes only supporting candidates who does as well. I am fully convinced he will win his re-election bid for Senate in 2018, and a 2020 presidential run is always a possibility as well.

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