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Creative Commons Donald Trump, Photo By Gage Skidmore ©2016, Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

BEHNA: Trump Now Has More Unconfirmed Cabinet Nominees Than Four Previous Presidents Combined!

If you want to know the definition of Democrats playing partisan politics, you’re seeing it right now.

Ryan Struyk from ABC political news reports two weeks into President Trump’s term he currently has more unconfirmed Cabinet nominees than four previous presidents combined: Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama.

He has 11 unconfirmed Cabinet nominees remaining.

Currently, only five members of Trump’s Cabinet are confirmed:

-Nikki Haley

-Mike Pompeo

-Rex Tillerson

-James Mattis

-John Kelly

This week, Tillerson was the only member to be confirmed by a full Senate vote.

Democrat hacks will try everything to obstruct and play games. To compare, President Obama had seven nominees confirmed on his first day in office.

Fortunately, the GOP are having enough of this and getting serious. Even though Democrats are boycotting committee hearings, the GOP have finally suspended the rules to pass Scott Pruitt, Tom Price, and Steve Mnuchin through committees this week.

Hopefully, they will suspend rules for more nominees to receive a full Senate vote if Democrats obnoxiously continue boycotting. Enough is enough.

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