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Creative Commons Maxine Waters, Photo By mark6mauno ©2012, Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

BEHNA: Twitter Users Slam Rep. Maxine Waters For Calling Trump Team “Bunch Of Scumbags” [VIDEO]

On Tuesday, Congresswoman Maxine Waters was interviewed on MSNBC with Chris Hayes and called President Trump officials having ties with Russia “A bunch of scumbags.”

She did not say it once, but twice.

The video from MSNBC is below. Even Hayes called it strong words.

In response, Twitter users showed their distaste for her comments.

RETWEET if you disapprove of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) calling Trump’s advisors (including Tillerson) “a bunch of scumbags.”

. : Trump cabinet is a bunch of ‘SCUMBAGS’ . : Waters should focus on corruption in the Black Caucus.

The ever eloquent Maxine Waters, ladies and gentlemen…

Rep Maxine Waters calls Pres cabinet picks a bunch of scumbags. Really? And she wants us to listen to what she has to say. left.

Woke up in a great mood…then saw that called half the country “a bunch of scumbags.”

Thanks for making this for me. Maxine Waters’s has to go. Lack of intelligence and ignorance.

Rep Maxine Waters now calling President Trump, the Trump Administration & “Friends” – SCUMBAGS (5:10) Censurable!

When U attack policies, you attack us. He’s fulfilling our passions – the voters,

Maxine Waters Slams Team Trump as ‘Bunch of Scumbags’

Wow! called conservatives “scumbags” b/c support business. MAXINE, remember when YOU used TAXPAYERS $ to bail out husband?HARP

on Trump’s Cabinet: They’re a Bunch of Scumbags “Public Servants” About to Get Memo They Work For Us!

What do you think about Maxine’s statement? Comment below to let us know.

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