070527-N-3642E-140 Washington, D.C. (Sept 27, 2007) - Senator James Webb, (D-VA) questions Adm. Gary Roughead, commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command after he testified before the Committee on Armed Services during his confirmation hearing for appointment to Chief of Naval Operations. U.S. Navy photo by MCC(AW) Shawn P. Eklund (RELEASED)

BEHNA: Why Jim Webb Is The Most Reasonable Democrat Candidate, Unlike The Other Four

From last week’s Democrat debate, while many say was dull and boring, there were several contrasts between Jim Webb and the other candidates. Some of his responses to questions were actually quite impressive. He has shown he is a moderate while the other four are on the far-left.

1) Gun control

While most of the others were actually trying to brag about having a D- or an F rating from the NRA, Webb said a law abiding citizen should be able to protect themselves with a gun.

2) Israel

He was the only candidate to state his support for Israel, while the rest of the Democrat party and the other candidates continue to show their contempt to our closest ally in the Middle East.

3) Iran

Webb blasted the horrendous Iran deal, and rightfully so. Any deal that gives $150 Billion to a terrorist country, lifts all their sanctions, and us not getting anything in return is absurd.

Who would have ever thought we’d have at least one Democrat candidate stating all three of these positions in a debate? Unfortunately, there are many more far-left politicians in today’s Democrat party than the remaining moderates.

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