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Creative Commons Ted Cruz, Photo By Gage Skidmore ©2013, Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

BEHNA: WOW! 5 Liberal Media Outlets Say Not To Underestimate @TedCruz! #CruzCrew

Ever since Ted Cruz has announced his bid for the 2016 presidency, there have been several liberal media outlets who concede he has a shot at winning, and to not underestimate him.

1) In April of this year, the Daily Kos titled an article “Don’t laugh! Why Ted Cruz could win GOP primary and possibly win it all.” Of course, they had their criticisms but included the strengths of Cruz.

-It is evident conservatives lost the RFRA battle. In doing so, Ted Cruz could win the GOP war. The right-wing fringe is mad and will exact revenge in the primaries. While Bush and Rubio are either flip-flopping or hedging their bets, Cruz is steadfast: “Religious liberty is not some fringe view. It is the basis of this country,” he said. Many have even noted his new anti-corporate populist facade.

-The momentum from that stacking could potentially give Cruz a strong wind in his sail that would take him to victory. His unabated support for the evangelical right wing even as corporations, politicians, and governors caved to the “liberals” could be his ticket.

-If Ted Cruz or Rand Paul become the nominee, do remember that both a Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush presidency was considered comedy. They both won and we are living with the consequences. Democrats better learn to play chess rather quickly.

2) On October 8th, far-left salon penned an opinion piece, saying not to underestimate Cruz. Here are some of the points they made.

-I have made the point before that if I were a betting person, I’d put a couple of bucks on Ted Cruz to be that someone for the simple reason that he’s the guy most likely to inherit the kook constituency should Trump and/or Carson finally flame out.

-Cruz has plenty of money both for his campaign and in his Super Pacs. He cornered some of the big Texas billionaire money a while back.

-Cruz is a very smart fellow and a very extreme ideologue. That’s a potent combination.

3) MSNBC posted an article a couple of days ago, saying “Don’t forget about Ted Cruz.”

-You wouldn’t know it from his current sixth place standing in the polls or the many headlines that cast him as Donald Trump’s sidekick, but Ted Cruz is slowly creeping his way toward the nomination.

-The Texas senator could very well be the sleeper, the ambush predator, and the fabled tortoise of this election – in other words, the candidate who, despite his middling performance thus far, should in no way be dismissed.

-One of the strongest elements of Cruz’s campaign is his ever-growing ground game. He’s naming new additions to his leadership teams almost daily, paying attention to even the most far-flung of places like the U.S. Virgin Islands, which sends delegates to both the Republican and Democratic national conventions without being able to participate in the general election.

4) Although they don’t think Cruz would win the presidency, the Daily Beast wrote an article in 2013, admitting he is intellectual and not to be taken lightly.

-But in spite of that, he is at the same time something of an intellectual. He’s Harvard Law. He has argued before the Supreme Court. He is widely read. He can quote Rawls, they tell me (John, not Lou). He’s no Dubya and is not to be misunderestimated.

-He can articulate the base’s rage in a way that infuriates and confounds liberals, and that matches them reference for reference. In today’s GOP there are few better skills to possess.

5) Also in 2013, Bill Maher, of all people, was on Piers Morgan’s CNN show, conceding Ted Cruz has a chance to win in 2016.

-I think he’s got a shot. He is definitely going to be the favorite of the people who vote in republican primaries.

So it is evident that even liberal outlets are growing in panic and fear about Ted Cruz. Deep down, they know he’s intelligent and well rounded. Only time will tell to see if Ted Cruz can hopefully win it all.

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