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BEHNA: WOW! @PiersMorgan calls Ben Carson “most brainless brain surgeon”

On Wednesday, the infamous anti-gun activist Piers Morgan wrote an article for Daily Mail Online, calling him the “most brainless brain surgeon in the US.”

In one paragraph, Piers says of Carson:

He specializes in pediatric neurosurgery. This is an area I’m familiar with because one of my cousins was a pediatric neurologist for many years at the world famous Great Ormond Street hospital in London.

So not only does he call Carson “brainless”, which implies stupidity, but claims he’s familiar with pediatric neurosurgery (even though he probably isn’t) just because he happens to have a cousin as a pediatric neurologist. That’s a little hypocritical.

ben carsonpic

After saying he “presumes,” Carson is smart and has saved lives he proceeds with another criticism.

So why does he persist in making public statements that make him sound like the most brainless berk in America?

Piers once again lied about Carson’s Muslim president comment.

More recently, he declared that no Muslim could ever become president, despite the U.S. constitution making it very clear that ‘no religious Test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust in the United States.’

Except Carson never said, “No Muslim could ever become president.”

@PiersMorgan can't stand @RealBenCarson stands up for #2A, calls him brainless! Click to Tweet

But then he throws a curveball near the end of his article.

The most dangerous people in politics are often the most intelligent. They know best how to manipulate the masses, and to get what they want.

So now he changes the argument, saying he may be intelligent, but many dangerous people in politics happen to be intelligent. I do agree that some intelligent politicians can be dangerous, but that would not describe Ben Carson. That would describe Barack Obama, who is intelligent enough to deceive millions of his followers while intentionally downgrading every great asset of American Exceptionalism.

Sounds to me that Piers Morgan is not calling Ben Carson a “brainless brain surgeon” because of stupidity. He’s calling him that only because Carson dares to have a different political opinion. Such liberal “tolerance.”

What do you think about Piers calling Ben Carson a “brainless brain surgeon?” Comment below and please share on Facebook and Twitter.


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Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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