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Ben Carson on immigration — it is not possible to mass deport illegal aliens in the United States

Here is Ben Carson on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” yesterday where he said it is not possible to deport the undocumented migrants in the United States.

I’m very disappointed that Dr. Carson is expressing feelings that the deportation of million’s of illegal’s can’t be done. It has been done in the past and I believe can be done again.

This is a major problem in the US, and I expect it to be resolved. I am not sure frontrunner Donald Trump has ever said that it would be done all in one day, but the numbers of Americans who want it done are growing day by day.

We don’t need to fall for the false narrative that we need to deport physically all illegal immigrants. We need to enforce border security, use eVerify, reduce government incentives, eliminate birthright citizenship, fine employers and yes deport a few when they are arrested.

Illegal immigrants came from a HOME country, and that’s where they belong until they immigrate legally.  Just because someone broke the law for a long time doesn’t mean they should get preferences. Families shouldn’t be separated, they are free to immigrate to their home countries much more humanely than many arrived here.

This is why you don’t want to vote for a “nice guy.” Nice guys don’t get real positive change done – too busy trying to be being nice to everyone. Letting illegals stay as guest workers is positive reinforcement for more illegal immigration.

Simple, well-known rule (except to politicians): positive reinforcement of behavior gets more of it. Negative reinforcement gets less of it.

No more “conservative” nice guys. We need a “kick butt” guy badly.

What are your thoughts?

H/t – Youtube

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