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Ben Carson Wants a Conflict with the Supreme Court about this issue and it could energize his campaign! [Video]

Earlier this week Presidential candidate Ben Carson spoke with the Catholic television network EWTN and was asked by Princeton professor Matthew Franck if he would back pro-life legislation declaring that human life begins at conception. The fact that this question is being asked to presidential candidates in the year 2016 is indicative of just how far gone society is. The science is definitive. Human life begins at conception. The question really should be, at what point in the development of human life are we willing to defend that life?

Predictably, Dr. Carson affirmed that he would support what is known as “personhood” rights of the preborn. This position is in direct opposition to the Supreme Court’s controversial Roe v. Wade decision, but Dr. Carson welcomes the fight.

He said that he would “set up a conflict with the Supreme Court” similar to how Abraham Lincoln confronted the Dred Scott case.  Dr. Carson was very pointed in his remarks via Truth Revolt:

“Yeah, I would definitely be willing to engage in that kind of confrontation, very much the same way that Abraham Lincoln was willing to engage in confrontation with the Dred Scott case. He felt that slavery was immoral, it was the wrong path to take, and the Supreme Court was defending slavery, as they’ve defended several things that were incorrect. We have a history that shows that they are not infallible, and therefore we should not simply submit to something that we know to be wrong. We should fight it”

“There is not only the right to intervene, there is the duty to intervene, particularly when new knowledge is discovered.”

That “new knowledge” isn’t all that new. It has been commonly understood for years in the medical community, and abortionists know it too. But the Left, and specifically the abortion lobby, has a vested interest in promoting the lie that life begins…whenever they say it does. Some liberals, including Hillary Clinton and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have gone so far as to declare that life beings when a baby is born. That’s about as anti-science as you can get! And they have the nerve to call pro-lifers extreme and question our agenda?

Carson also made another excellent point concerning the fallibility of the Supreme Court:

“We have a history that shows that [the Supreme Court is] not infallible, and therefore we should not simply submit to something that we know to be wrong. We should fight it.”

In addition to espousing his strong pro-life position in this interview, Dr. Carson affirmed that he supports traditional marriage and rejects the using the force of the federal government to allow “transgender” students to use facilities designed for the opposite sex.

You can watch the entire interview below:

What do you think about Carson’s passionate idea? Can it help him or is it too late for his campaign? Share your comments below and tell us what you think.

h/t – Truth Revolt

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