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Ben Carson’s statement regarding the Jews, the Holocaust, and gun control is accurate

Ben Carson is playing the liberal media brilliantly!

First, he stood up to them about the dangers of Radical Islam – insisting a Muslim who supports Sharia Law should not be President. Now, he burnishes his pro-2nd Amendment reputation by correctly pointing out that despots like Adolph Hitler always want to disarm the populace so they can do with them as they please.

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If the Jews were able to defend themselves in Germany the Holocaust would not be a part of our history. If the Jews had guns that matched the Germans’, perhaps Hitler and the Nazis would have suffered equal casualties during a civil war instead of being guilty of genocide against peaceful and law abiding people.

Instead, the unprotected and helpless Jews were massacred by their government. Ben Carson thinks like an American and shows that he is a lover of our country. If I had the power, I would throw Obama out and put President Carson in the White House today.

This is leading to another media firestorm – and lots of support from Conservatives who strongly support the right to keep and bear arms!

It’s common sense. If the Jews had guns, Germany wouldn’t have been able to do as much damage as they would have been able to fight back against Hitler’s machine.

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