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Bereft Left’s Mutually Exclusive Program: Anti-Guns and Pro-Abortion

I have had up to here! Enough! The liberal left needs to be constantly called out on their hypocritical stance regarding guns and abortion. While a few are doing it, more need to join the chorus and we cannot let up either.

The left is absolutely bereft of moral pulchritude, yet they forge on as if they walk the moral high road. On one hand, they insult our intelligence with their crocodile tears whenever they speak of all the people who die from gun violence every year in America. On the other hand, they insult our intelligence with their claim that a woman has a right to choose to murder her unborn child(ren) if she so chooses.

It’s amazing how abortion – to the left – is not murder. It’s also incredible how all the gun-related death numbers they throw around include people who have shot and killed home invasion intruders, rapists, and other criminal types. In other words, times when guns were legally used in self-defense. Yet, the left doesn’t differentiate between the good guy with a gun and the bad guy with one. To the left, any gun is criminal and they have no qualms about painting it like that, in spite of the inaccuracies, the lies, and the hypocrisy used to paint such a deceitful picture.

Gun-related Violence
People do kill people with guns. According to one website, 11,419 people were killed by guns in 2013. However, once you look at their source material and the years in which they used stats and figures, it becomes clear that there may have been some stretching.

“For the gray lines [“gray lines”? – author note], we calculated alternate stories for the people killed with guns using data from the World Health Organization. To calculate an alternate story, we first performed an age prediction [“prediction”? – author’s note] weighted according to the age distribution of US deaths. Using this age, we then predicted [“predicted” again? – author] a likely cause of death at that age. We do not adjust for life-expectancy differences between demographic groups, as we have not yet found data to that extent. We used data from 2005, the most recent year available.”

Nonetheless, let’s say that the 11,419 figure is perfectly accurate for 2013 (though it can’t be because much of the data out there is based on voluntarily provided information). However, when you go to the FBI page where at least some of the source material was gathered and used, you see that the figures were taken from a category simply labeled “murder.” While the website above notes this, the category itself on the FBI’s Table 1 page does not distinguish between the types of murder.

If you go to another website – the Center for Disease Control – their number of gun-related deaths for 2010 is 31,672. If this is true and the eleven thousand figure for 2013 is also true, then obviously gun-related deaths have drastically decreased. However, the biggest deception here in both numbers is that actual premeditated murders or murders committed with guns by criminals toward innocent victims versus people who legally used guns to defend themselves and killed someone in self-defense is not separated out.

Just to look at these numbers, people would likely say that a lot of people died needlessly due to gun violence. If we are talking about innocent victims being shot by criminals or crazies, yes, that is absolutely tragic. If though, these numbers include victims who were able to turn the tables on their attackers, killing them instead of being killed, then I have no pity for those who died. They deliberately placed themselves in a situation where harm was going to likely come to someone – either the perpetrator or the victim.

It is very difficult to get to the bottom of the real gun-related deaths because of the lack of separation into categories. This does not bother the left though because it serves their purposes of portraying guns as evil.

Few people legally buy and own guns because they simply collect them and hang them on the wall. Most people who own guns do so for hunting, sporting events, and/or self-defense.

However, a criminal always has a gun for only one purpose: to commit crimes with it. Whether that crime is brandishing the weapon illegally to scare someone, using it to commit robbery, home invasion, carjacking, rape, or some other crime, the criminal’s best tool is his gun.

No amount of laws will stop or keep that criminal from obtaining a gun due to the fact that the gun black market exists. Eradicating that is like trying to win the war on drugs.

Yes, people die from gun violence every year. It is a sad fact and like drugs, the problem will never be eradicated, even if guns were banned from society. They would still be available via the black market, and as I mentioned in another article, though it is illegal, it is relatively easy to make a gun with a few pieces of pipe, a pipe cap, and ammo. In the 1950s in NYC, gangs like the Mau Maus routinely made their own Zip Guns, which fired .22 caliber bullets.

Here’s a website that provides quite a few facts on how often guns are used in self-defense in America.

But let’s talk about abortion too. Here we see the liberal left, while decrying the evil gun as the scourge in society, has little to nothing to say about all the babies being torn apart inside her mother’s womb during the process called abortion.

More than 40 million abortions are “performed” globally each year. Let’s narrow it down though. For the U.S., in 2008, 1.2 million unborn babies were killed by being ripped apart inside the mother’s womb. The “doctor” reaches in, gets a good grip on an arm, then PULLS until the arm comes away. Then the other arm is ripped off. Then a leg, then the other leg. In other words, the baby is drawn and quartered and experiences extreme pain before dying.

Yet, the left also gets their panties in a wad over the death penalty as being “cruel and unusual.” The liberal left never ceases to amaze because of their abject inability to see their own hypocrisy. They are truly deluded and blind to truth.

Yes, abortions are on the decline, as are gun-related deaths. The problem though is that when we hear the left snivel and whine about saying another gun control law could save just one more person from a gun death, we never hear them say anything of the king regarding abortions, do we? Absolutely not. It is unthinkable that the left would deign to want to keep a woman from making a choice about her own body. That’s another deception of course.

When a woman becomes pregnant, she simply carries another life within her. The baby does not share the mother’s blood stream, etc. The mother is the “oven” in which the new life grows. That baby is no more part of that woman’s body than fleas on a dog (forgive the poor example). It is a separate life.

A woman can do anything she wants with her own body. I have no problem with that. The real issue though is that this baby she is carrying is not part of her body at all. She has no right to murder it or pay someone else to murder it.

But another issue that the left doesn’t want to deal with is the fact that “About half of all U.S. women having an abortion have had one previously.” Take the total of all women who have abortions in the U.S., then consider that about 50 percent of those same women either had a previous abortion or will have another one. That’s a huge number of repeat abortions. Why?

Planned Parenthood considers abortion a type of birth control (which is why they are also deceptive about Hobby Lobby’s case that goes before the Supreme Court very soon). Women start believing it too. However, let’s be clear. Abortion is murder. Every abortion is a premeditated murder of an unborn, but living, child. This same thing cannot be said about guns because sometimes, guns are used defensively against criminals to save innocent lives.

According to the left, guns are evil, and there is no good reason to own one (unless you’re a cop). Abortions? It’s a woman’s right to choose if she is going to murder her unborn child. Those same leftists who are working very hard to eradicate the 2nd Amendment, are also working just as hard to keep the murderous practice of abortion alive, even though it is based on no amendment. Not only does every unborn child die during an abortion, but too many women have died as well. I thought legalizing abortions made them safe? What happened?

Those of us who see the duplicity, the hypocrisy, the lies, and all the deception used by the left to advance their goals based on emotional virtue (political correctness) and not truth need to have their feet held to the fire (figure of speech). We cannot let this hypocrisy go unnoticed any longer.

It needs to be hammered home to every leftist that denies these truths. They are hypocrites of the highest order! We need to shove these truths in their faces as often as we can and as often as they attempt to deny them.

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