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Bernie feeling the bern, threatens to sue DNC if not reinstated to view voter data

Well, the old man has some energy!

Bottom line here Bernie is you shouldn’t steal! Then this wouldn’t happen. And If you claim weren’t stealing why did you fire your staffer?

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Politico reports the following:

The DNC suspended Sanders’ access following the revelation that Sanders staffers improperly reviewed Hillary Clinton campaign data made available as a result of a software error this week by political data technology company NGP VAN.

“Individual leaders of the DNC can support Hillary Clinton in any way they want, but they are not going to sabotage our campaign, one of the strongest grassroots campaigns in modern history,” Weaver said.

“By their action, the leadership of the Democratic National Committee is now actively attempting to undermine our campaign,” he said, calling on the DNC to release its freeze on the campaign’s data, a move that has effectively crippled Sanders’ field operation. “This is taking our campaign hostage.”

I’m no Bernie Sanders supporter. I tend to vote Republican. I totally agree with him about the DNC being in the tank for Hilary and willing to go to any means to shut out other candidates possibility of attaining the nomination.

People should think long and hard about Hilary Clinton before supporting her. She is a crook, a liar and under criminal investigation by the FBI. Anyone who thinks she is inevitable should consider that she may end up in the “big house” before she ends up in the White House.

I wasn’t going to watch the Democratic debate tomorrow night, but I am thinking about changing my mind after all this.

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