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Bernie Sanders says minimum wage is a disgrace and should be $15.00; but he pays his interns what again?

Don’t watch what I say, just do what I say is what Democrats have pushed for years and Bernie Sanders, self-proclaimed socialist who caucuses with Democrats learned a lot from the to carry that to his campaign.

Sanders has been speaking about raising the minimum wage basically because corporations have the money. It’s a populist message in trying to reach the young people so they flock to him in droves but he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

At an outdoor rally near the capitol on July 22, during a rally, he said,

“It is a national disgrace that millions of full-time workers are living in poverty and millions more are forced to work two or three jobs just to pay their bills.” Sanders continued, “In the year 2015, a job must lift workers out of poverty, not keep them in it. The current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is a starvation wage and must be raised to a living wage.”

Sanders explained how this would affect millions of workers in the job market in his press release, .

“Increasing the minimum wage would directly benefit 62 million workers who make less than $15 an hour, including over half of African-American workers and close to 60 percent of Latino workers.”

But wait, here is the irony of this whole statement, according to Media Research Center, Sanders only pays his interns a whopping $12 an hour.

sanders (1)

I wanted to make sure this was the absolute truth, so I went to Sanders’ website and was able to verify the claim. On Sanders’ own website, under the bullet point of “Services” and then under “Internships,” there is the cold hard truth.


Once again, Democrats show just how out of touch they are but throwing out the food to see if anyone grabs on. Sanders didn’t realize this because he doesn’t know exactly what’s happening in his campaign or what he really stands for. Sanders wants you to believe he stands for equal pay yet he won’t give it for interns that work for him in Washington, DC.

It’s time to call out Sanders for this hypocrisy and alert the young people he isn’t who he says either.

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H/T – Media Research Center

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