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Bernie Sanders wants to address American people to define Democratic Socialism! Will you watch?

Set your calendars and program your DVRs, Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is planning a “major speech” on democratic socialism, the political and economic ideology he embraces in his campaign.

Sanders told The Associated Press he wants to do it “fairly soon” but hasn’t picked a date. In the Democratic debate last week, rival Hillary Rodham Clinton suggested the Vermont senator would scale back the principles of capitalism and asserted, “We would be making a grave mistake to turn our backs on what built the greatest middle class in history.”


First off, let’s be clear! Democratic socialism is a grand excuse for the lazy, intellectual underachievers and unsuccessful to live off hard working individuals who are self-reliant and self-sustaining and generally successful by any standard. “democratic socialism – often known as the imposed tyranny and control of government against the successful, is the curse of every nation that tried socialism resulting in achieving the searing heights of mediocrity for all. Bernie and his ilk can pound sand!

With that said, what created ‘the greatest middle class in history’ was capitalism, not big government love. But I’m sure Bernie will work real hard to explain how more big government programs, more taxes, more confiscation and redistribution of wealth, and more big government regulations will solve all of our problems.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for him to reveal how much it will cost.


The only reason Socialism has never worked anywhere else is because (fill in the blank with the smartest lawyer politician you know) wasn’t calling all of the shots.

Sanders should have called himself a Social Democrat, not a Democratic Socialist. The Scandinavian countries and Germany do have successful “mixed” economies with some Capitalist elements and some Socialist Elements ingeniously combined. They also have little or no debt and a much more even wealth distribution that the US. But these countries still have rich people (although not like here), stock exchanges, banks, and they are still somewhat more Capitalist than Socialist.

Would someone with the media please tell Sanders that the “Socialist” countries he’s advocating typically have a lower top marginal corporate tax rate than the combined Federal and State rate here in the US?

h/t – Inquisitor

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