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Did Bernie Sanders Just Predict Mayhem At The July DNC Convention?

Earlier Monday evening, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton backed out of the California debate between the two remaining liberal troublemakers running for POTUS. I feel Hillary has just dismissed the Bernie Sanders campaign, and she’s going directly to Donald Trump and the GOP.

However, that could be a bad mistake. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has wide-ranging support, and it is young and angry. Sanders made a very cryptic statement on Monday evening that could signal a major problem at the Democratic National Convention in July.

From the AP:

Bernie Sanders predicted Monday that the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia could be “messy” as he pushed the party to adopt his progressive agenda, but added: “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle. …  if you want everything to be quiet and orderlyand allow, you know, just things to proceed without vigorous debate, that is not what democracy is about.”

As an outsider, I hope Sanders does put up a fight a fracture the DNC for the general election in the fall. In other words, I have no dog in that fight, but I don’t mind pulling up a lawn chair and watching the fireworks.

On the flip side, sorry Bernie, the fix is in, and you never had a chance. Too bad your constituents spent all that money with no hope of getting a return. But then again, being socialists it was never about working and investing your money, it was always about taking other people’s money and redistributing it.

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