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Big Time Florida newspaper tells Rubio to resign; “You are ripping us off, senator!”

Republican Marco Rubio was endorsed by the Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, for his 2010 Senate bid, and now they are asking him to resign his Senate seat over his poor attendance record in Congress.

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Rubio, who is not seeking a second term, has racked up absences in the Senate as he runs for the Republican presidential nomination. Rubio has the worst absentee record in the Senate, missing nearly 30% of votes cast through Sept. 9.

In an editorial posted Tuesday, the paper’s editorial board wrote: “You are paid $174,000 per year to represent us, to fight for us, to solve our problems, you are ripping us off, senator.”

Rubio aides had no comment on the editorial Wednesday but have argued that he’s not shirking his duties and returns to the Senate when his vote on an issue would be decisive.

What are your thoughts? Does he even have a chance with the attitude he is now taking of missing votes because he’s frustrated with Washington?

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