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Bigots deface Florida congressional candidate Glo Smith’s campaign signs

Congressional candidate Glo Smith was exposed to the harsh realities of liberal racism on Sunday, when she noticed her face on several yard signs was painted white.

Mrs Smith, a black conservative woman who is running for Florida’s Fifth Congressional District, posted a picture on her Facebook page of a front lawn sign that was vandalized with racially insensitive graffiti. In a statement, she said:

Our family prayed and talked about sharing this post with you. We decided that it was the right thing to do, because this is what happens in campaigns.

Our large signs were stolen or painted. It cost time and money to replace these signs.

This is not nice, but I’m all for diversity.

The so-called party of tolerance, once again showed its ugly face on the campaign trail, and as usual, the mainstream media is ignoring it because it was done to a conservative.

Glo Smith is no stranger to adversity. She grew up in the poorest part of Jacksonville Florida, and was no stranger to poverty as a child. Before her mother remarried, their large family was living off a single mother’s salary and was dependent upon government assistance. For years, her mother relied on government provisions and commodities to feed and care for her children. Regardless of the financial hardship, Mrs. Smith was determined to succeed, and with the moral support of her family and church, she graduated from Ribault High School and was inspired to establish her career as a public servant.

To learn more about Mrs. Smith, visit her web page at;


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