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Bill Cosby’s lawyer just owned another CNN anchor; this is not even fair anymore!

I think when all is said and done, it will come down to what the evidence brings and not what the jurors gut feeling is. There is no hard evidence–it is only a question of one word against around 50.

I am also curious to see how this shakes out with the statute of limitations. If the case stands, this would be setting a new precedent. It would certainly go to the Supreme Court, and I doubt that Bill Cosby would live long enough to see the final verdict.

I’ve been watching Bill Cosby’s lawyer, and I didn’t know anything about her before but the more I watch and listen, the more I learn how she is going to defend Cosby, and she is no pushover.

Pressley exhibits a total command of the interviews I’ve seen her participate in, and she never leaves the interview with a loss. She’s capable of holding her own and defending Cosby against the liberal mainstream media.

This video is a perfect example. Check out Monique in action:

One thing you won’t do is walk up on Pressley and out maneuver her on a question. She’s ready for these interviews and I haven’t seen her caught off guard yet. What do you think about this appearance?


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