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Billionaire mogul John McAfee enters 2016 POTUS race as Libertarian candidate!

Out of left field comes “the deliverer!”

McAfee Security founder John McAfee, saddened by the escalation in the spying programs by the government agencies and the infringement of the citizens’ rights is planning to run for the United States’ president.

He’s got the name recognition, he has the money to get it done, does he have the support?

From CNN Money:

It looks like the Libertarian party has its candidate for president.

John McAfee entered the White House race as a Libertarian Thursday. The 70-year-old cyber-security pioneer is known for his popular computer anti-virus software.

He originally planned to run for the highest office under his own Cyber Party to “disrupt the political status quo,” but McAfee said a representative from the Libertarian Party contacted him Tuesday about representing their party.

The convention is in late may in Orlando, FL, and he is likely to receive the nomination.

At his campaign website, McAfee argues that he is a serious U.S. presidential candidate because he has “run a multi-billion dollar company,” “had to watch my dog shot in front of my eyes by a soldier trained by the FBI,” and “hid in the jungles of Central America for weeks while being chased by an army.”

What are your thoughts about his entry? Does he have a chance and would you vote for him?

The Libertarian Party’s national convention will be held May 27-30, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

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