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Bipolar Hillary Reaches Out To Trump Supporters, Then She Trashes Trump!

Donald Trump supporters are loyal, and they believe in his vision for America. There is no way they would side with Hillary Clinton for a second. First, let me say I am angry she’s even being nominated to run by a party that had excused her many problems and issues that include breaking the law, lying about it under oath, allowing Americans to die when they asked for more security, not even a few weeks ahead of the Benghazi attack. Hillary is tainted like spoiled milk. She’s got mad cow disease which is probably why she makes stupid decisions.

Hillary will never win over Trump supporters, so this feeble attempt to address his group through a mic and a room of liberals is disingenuous at best. Then she turns around and trashes him at the end which shows me she is not stable, and I would even go far as to say she’s bi-polar.

Watch this and then comment below:

I am sympathetic to a lot of the people attracted by Trump’s message,” Clinton said during a town hall with YouTube stars in Los Angeles Tuesday night. “Who are feeling left out and left behind. They have lost faith in their government, in the economy, in politics, and most other institutions, certainly institutions. And they don’t know how they are going to create, and you all are creators, how they are going to create a better future for themselves. So I am not only sympathetic, I am looking for solutions.

I understand why people are frustrated and even fearful, but don’t look for easy answers and misleading promises that can not deliver what you’re hoping for,” she said. “The whole slogan: Make America Great Again is code for go back to the time when a lot of people were not included. Including women, African-Americans and Latinos and a lot of other people. Go back to a time when there was more of a heirarchy, instead of a democratized economy where people are really working hard to get ahead. We are a future-oriented society.

I am very sympathetic to that. I am not sympathetic to the xenophobia, the misogyny, the homophobia, the Islamophobia, and all of the other, um, sort of, dog whistles that Trump uses to create that fervor among a lot of his supporters.

I love how Hillary and both establishment parties pretend that they were not the cause of people feeling betrayed and let down by the corrupt and tone deaf people in Washington DC. It’s like they farted in an empty elevator then someone gets on on the next floor and they act like there is no stink, or they give the “I didn’t do that” look.

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