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Birth of a Nation Trailer released: Powerful story of Nat Turner hits movie screens!

I remember the story of the slave Nat Turner from long ago. My father was big in history when I was growing up. My sister and I used to get flashcards of influential Black leaders and former slaves that had made a name for themselves in the movement to help plantation blacks.

I even remember watching roots in the 70s, the week-long series that changed the face of TV. In the case of Turner, the story is very complex. Turner wasn’t a slave they just sat around, he got tired of watching what was happening to the slaves on his plantation and decided he was going to do something about it.

Many people will go to watch this and come to their own conclusions with today’s mindset but to watch this movie you have to leave your body virtually and join the time. To even remotely understand how Turner felt and why he did what he did.

All in all, Turner killed over 50 white people over a two-month spree but he didn’t fully recognize the result of his actions would hurt the slaves for all time.

Watch this trailer:

Watching this trailer, do you think Turner was justified in his actions? After Turner was caught and killed, laws were passed to stop educating slaves. What are your thoughts after watching this trailer and will you go see the movie?

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