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Black Lives Matter schedules protest at Donald Trump St. Louis rally today!

In my opinion, there needs to be a massive presence of the Secret Service and Mr. Trump’s personal security team do deal with the “protest groups.” And lots of video showing exactly what they do. How about the mounted police? Works in New York City. Anybody here know a “higher-up” in the St. Louis Police Department? Just saying.

From Black Lives Matter Facebook Page:

The fascist Donald Trump is coming to our city this Friday. It is our job and our duty to unite to #ShutItDown.

UPDATE: **Buying tickets and then not showing up WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVE. Peabody Opera House will be filled with overflow crowd if people with tickets do not show up. Make sure to spread this as well.**

If you would like assistance from us to help protect your safety, please feel free to message us and we will be making the proper connections as needed in the near future. If you got a ticket and would like to attend the actual Trump Rally, get there early! His website says doors open at 9AM, with the rally starting at noon, and we’re sure others will be there even earlier than that.

The safety of everyone either at the rally or part of our efforts is our top priority. Several measures will be taken to ensure this is upheld.

They seem a bit confused about the meanings of words. The fascists are the people trying to shut down the democratic process, not the people trying to conduct it. In other words, THEY are the fascists.

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders allowed them to take the mic, while Hillary Clinton has been protested three times. Trump has said repeatedly; Black Lives Matter won’t take his microphone.

What do you expect from the group? Do you think they will cause problems if they attend and will the media once again report on as if it’s the only thing happening at the Trump rally?

Share your opinions below and let us know what you are thinking about these developments.

h/t – Black Lives Matter Facebook Page

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