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Black Lives Matters Member to White Guilt Liberals – You Will Lose Out If We Succeed

Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with black lives mattering, and they know it. It’s a liberal agenda to coerce people into hating the police. If black lives mattered then why the hell don’t those same white libtards attack planned parenthood for selling unborn baby parts and half the abortions are performed in low income predominately black communities. What does that tell you?

I’m so sick of the liberals and their ideology which lacks common sense. Chicago has the strictest gun laws and gun violence, and black on black crime has soared, and yet you don’t see this movement marching throughout the streets of Chicago.

DON’T BELIEVE ME? Watch #BlackLivesMatter leader tell whites to get to back of marching line in this video

What’s worst is the white guilt liberals have decided to join the movement, taking up cause they know nothing about and according to a story in the Washington Times, they are going to be left on the side of the road if the movement succeeds.

From Washington Times:

The leader of a Black Lives Matter demonstration here admonished white activists joining the march to the Democratic National Convention, warning that they will lose out when the movement succeeds in ending America’s “white supremacy” system.

The leader of the march, who described himself as a Mexican immigrant with Native American heritage, looked out from the back of a pickup truck and surveyed the predominately white crowd of protestors.

He said he had a message for the white supporters of Black Lives Matter.

“White supremacy — that’s a system you benefited from, and you’re no longer going to benefit from it,” he blared through a bullhorn.

He said that the white followers should stop and think about that if they truly wanted to promote the movement.

The crowd fell silent.

If a white person said this, it would be on every news station across America for days. Luckily, the liberal mafia sorry media only reports about the news that drives #CrookedHillary agenda.

White guilt liberals think they are part of the solution and they are the ones that will be targeted first and foremost. This movement is #BlackLivesMatter with an asterisk as I mentioned earlier in the story and they mean it.

I am going to grab more popcorn and soda pop and watch these white guilt liberals get trashed and trampled within the comfort of my home. This should be good.

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