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Black Men For Bernie Leader Switches To Trump! “I Will Never Vote For Hillary”

Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmares are coming true. She is losing the high numbers of black voters as they are taking a second look at what she stands for and what she has promised and not delivered to the black community.

Bruce Carter who created Black Men For Bernie has decided Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party is not the future of the black community and as a man, he feels responsible for alerting as many voters as possible it’s time to make a switch.

Barack Obama/Clinton have failed all minorities. By marshaling the votes of all Americans – white, black, Hispanic citizens – we can reclaim our country & preserve its economic and safe future.

Truth hurts! Democrats have always kept blacks “in line”! Look at Planned Parenthood; it’s racist founder and where, strategically, these are located! You don’t think it is coincidence that the majority of these facilities are located in poorer black communities, do you?!

From Fox News:

While many analysts dismiss Donald Trump’s chances of winning over black voters, the Republican nominee has an unlikely ally making his case — the founder of a group that once rallied black voters for Bernie Sanders.

Bruce Carter, who led “Black Men for Bernie,” told he had a change of heart after he traveled to urban communities and saw the levels of poverty in Democrat-controlled areas of the country.

Once I got involved, I realized that the Democratic Party was operating as if they own the country, and that was a major turn off for me,” Carter said. “I didn’t want to represent a party that saw its people in that way.”

Carter, from Texas, has since formed “Trump for Urban Communities” – a grassroots organization he says is reaching out to black voters in the major cities from Jacksonville, Fla., to Philadelphia, to Charlotte, N.C., seeking to convince first-time voters, working families, and others to vote Republican in November.

Donald Trump is the best presidential candidate, who I believe has the experience and the wherewithal to give urban communities economic and educational opportunities,” he said.

Thank God black Americans are seeing the truth of how the Democratic party of Hillary & Obama did nothing for black people except leave them in poverty in the inner city ghettos!

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

More and more of the Black community is realizing Donald Trump is their friend and not their enemy. The Democrats want to paint Mr. Trump as a racist. Just ask those Black Americans that work for the Trumps. Ask them if Mr. Trump is a racist. Ask them.

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