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Black on Black crime wasn’t what Spike Lee wanted to talk about – EPIC!

Yet again, what could have been a decent discussion was supplanted by ego and pomposity. As usual, when confronted with a simple question to help people understand, the person being questioned retreats behind the all too familiar and comforting walls of righteous indignation. These are the hallmarks of the Black Lives Matter/Liberal White Guilt movement overall (and there are others as well).

At the hint that there could be some responsibility of both sides of the argument, the conversation usually ends with the usual all-or-nothing argument of you are 100% wrong and I am 100% 500% right.

Here is the exchange transcript:

Chris Hayes: One of the things we hear all the time is black on black crime. You guys are protesting because you know, a cop shot this young black man but young black men kill young black men all the time. There’s a sense in which people feel like that is a disingenuous misdirection, on the part of some people, not everyone, obviously.

Spike Lee: First of all, people that look at my body of my work. I’m the director that made Do the Right ThingMalcolm X, I could go on for another three hours. Look at the body of work. I did not get off just a turnip truck.

Hayes: No, I’m not accusing you of that…

Lee: Let me finish.

Hayes: Right, right, right.

Lee: Sir, it doesn’t matter to me what color or complexion that pulls the trigger. As an artist, I’m going to look at it, and look at both sides. There’s a specific scene where Samuel L. Jackson talks about it. Where he’s in the middle, there’s a gang banger on one side and Chicago cop on other. If you’re a parent — whether your child got killed by a gang banger or cop, you still feel the same.

Hayes: Right.

Lee: Your child is dead and your child is never coming back to you forever and for the rest of your life, you are going to have a hole in your soul. So it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to get about — it doesn’t matter to me.

Watch this segment:

Most people across America want to know why isn’t black on black crime debated in the national media. What are your thoughts and share what you thought of this interview with Lee below in the comments section.


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