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Black Pastor doesn’t hold back on Barack Obama “long legged devil who’s right out of the pit of hell”

If you’re not familiar with James David Manning, the pastor of ATLAH World Church at Lenox and 123rd in Harlem, he has eviscerating Barack Obama since he took office back in 2007. His sermons speak to the anger of many people in America who won’t speak out so they quietly support this brash and bold preach who gives an rather eccentric brand of old-time religion.

Some say Manning is racist for calling out Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and many black leaders keeping the black community in the dark of Democrat party dependency politics and bondage chains.

Manning once said

“I’d be willing to die to expose that devil Obama”

We hope it won’t come to that point but we have a couple of videos for you to watch that will give you some insight on just how much Pastor Manning is not in lockstep with Obama’s way of running things. One of Manning’s beloved videos called out Obama as a failure in one of the best breakdowns you have ever seen. The set up for his end was sheer poetry in my humble opinion.

If that just made you spit out your coffee, get your popcorn ready. This next “best of” will have you laughing for days but while watching it, I have found some truth in what he speaks. See if you can pick it out between the message.

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H/T – ATLAH World Church, Youtube

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