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Black Pastor Who Dissed Trump Gets Checked by Gangsta “We Don’t Even Want You On Our Streets”

This is a breaking story but one that you need to actually follow or know the backdrop before watching what happened to Pastor Jamaal Bryant on the streets of Baltimore a couple of days ago.

Black pastors had met with GOP nominee Donald Trump about two months ago to discuss things that were very important within the black community. They went to Trump Tower and sat down with the candidate and had a very long meeting to discuss many things.

Baltimore local pastor Jamal Bryant who has gone through scandal after scandal decided he was going to get belligerent at the members that attended that good faith meeting. Here is the video from CNN only hours after the meeting concluded:

After watching that, you will see that Bryant was not trying to be part of the solution. He was acting the bully and trying to diminish the meeting as the attendees were basically slaves.

Karma can show up at anytime and anywhere. Pastor Bryant in the video below was met on the streets by a THUG who checked him most exquisitely. The THUG known as PFK Boom went after Bryant in a way I don’t feel sorry. PFK Boom felt disrespected knowing Bryant was around and trying to do photo ops but felt it was all a show!

“We don’t want you no where in our city yo! We don’t even want you on our streets!”


What do you think of this confrontation? Do you feel sorry for Bryant after what he did to Pastors who wanted to meet with Trump and talk about solutions within the minority communities? Share this everywhere!

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