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Black professor say she was racially profiled at Rubio event; Campaign SPOX says it was miscommunication

If there is one thing I’ve noticed watching the GOP debates, it’s the lack of conversation about “race in America” and possible solutions to handle the Obama administration debacle that’s been growing for the last seven years.

We are not better off than we were seven years ago, and anyone is saying that is purposely giving Barack Obama a pass on the sour seeds he’s sewn withing our American fabric.

GOP candidate Marco Rubio, who really had a hard time dealing with Governor Chris Christie the other night in New Hampshire, and dropped to fourth in some polls, doesn’t any more negativity to take him further down. This race profiling miscommunication accusation is not good a day before the New Hampshire primary.

From Lawnews:

Rubio’s spokesperson told Wired that this was all a miscommunication over credentials. “We reserved the space for those who have RSVPed, and other than that, it’s first-come, first-served,” Michael Zona, Rubio’s campaign staffer told reporter Issie Lapowsky.

Lapowsky wrote for the magazine:

I was at the Rubio event and recognized Latty from my time at NYU. I spoke with the girls, who were visibly shaken, after leaving the school gymnasium where the town hall was still going on. [Ugonma] Ubani0-Ebere’sparents are from Nigeria and [Taisha] Henry’s are from Haiti. “Both our parents are immigrants just like his,” said Ubani-Ebere, referring to Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants. “You just look, and it’s like, this is what America’s become. Racial tensions are at an all-time high.

Latty told that she would not be filing any sort of official complaint.

“The damage is done, and all the media inquiries has made it clear that this is not acceptable,” Latty said.

If the group did decide to push the issue, they may have a decent case because even though this is a private event, racial discrimination is prohibited by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The law bars discrimination by privately owned places of “public accommodation” on the basis of race, color, religion or national original.

Check out the tweets from a young black professor:

The Rubio campaign needs to get out ahead of this before it grows liberal legs to the liberal news stations so that liberal lies can be crafted and it grows into a Republican scandal.

Were these kids genuine or was this an attempt by Black Lives Matter to further disrupt a GOP event? Both are honest questions. What do you think?

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