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Black Republican Activists – Midweek Message with Leah LeVelle 9-21

My friend Leah LeVelle is making her presence known withing the Republican Party. Just a few months ago she was hired by the GOP to take part in its strategic initiatives team to reach more minorities with a positive yet informative message.

Leah has hit the ground running and believe me with weekly messages like this in the future; I am positive change is on its way.

From Hello Beautiful:

The Republican National Committee is really trying to change the perception that they have an issue with Black folks. Enter their new hire: 21-year-old Leah Victoria LeVell.

According to NBCBLK, LeVell will be part of their strategic initiatives team and will work to create GOP messages that can engage HBCUs and young Black voters. It’s not surprising that LeVell is working for the GOP, given that her father, BruceLeVell, serves as Executive Director of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.

When asked why she supports Donald Trump, Levell told NBCBLK, “He wants to bring more jobs to the country, which is important for me as a college student as I’ll be graduating soon — that’s a huge priority for me and a lot of the American people.

“The other important issue to me is national security. That’s a big issue with all the shootings and bombings in other countries — safety is an issue. Also his stance on student loan debt,” she concluded.

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