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Black Xenophobia in South Africa: You Don’t Say!

The current “Move On” protests regarding racism and the police have nothing to do with “Moving On” or racism, but everything to do with “Stop Move Inc.” Any psychiatrist worth his stripe knows that wallowing in memory and pay back instead of allowing developing a new one simply stunts development in a child or community. It simply stops it in times past. This is less about getting respect for “blacks” and more to do about stopping whites and blacks in insidious ways. And this mess and political provocation is going on worldwide. Even “black” South Africa has to deal with accusations of xenophobia and racism by neighbor nations pushing illegal immigration there.

Buzzsouthafrica.comThe ISS’s Peace and Security Council Report said that the discussion on xenophobia would give Zuma an opportunity to explain to the whole continent what South Africa is doing about the problem. The debate could become heated if Zuma goes on the offensive, as some of his officials suggested he might, by tossing the ball back into the courts of the immigrants’ home countries and suggesting it is their poor governance which is driving their people out.

So the peace and happiness after ending Apartheid in Africa is not a given. Now, why would that be? Ask yourself if any of those Al Sharpton “leaders” out there would really be qualified to manage political, economical and other threats on American soil, moving on to build and defend ourselves. Zuma is not reacting and blaming whites or Apartheid. The language is not going there, but it is obvious that there is a general push for greater demoralization in America and around the world.

imageIn fact the mixing of leftism and racist nationalist impulses from black nationalists like the Black Panthers is not a new strategy at all, and many nations at war have employed strategies in the past to induce demoralization. J.R Nyquist gives us an insight at how it was done in the Soviet Union and how it still could be active in Russia or China – our “competitors” who do little to encourage business in the U.S. the way we encourage it there.

Dugin’s book, The Fourth Political Theory, on which Russia’s strategy now depends, is actually an updated version of an old strategic formula which once took shape under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. It is an attempt to revive and merge the defeated ideologies of communism and fascism for a final battle. By uniting all the communists and the fascists (and Islamo-fascists) at the moment of liberalism’s strongest suicidal impulse, Dugin and his Russian bosses hope to build an unprecedented global coalition. It is worth noting that Dugin cannot have invented this “new” totalitarian approach, because its elements were present in Soviet strategic thinking and planning before Dugin was born. Stalin was using the Fourth Political Theory in August 1939 when he sent the British and French delegations packing in order to sign a pact with Hitler.

The idea that blacks cannot be racist or that these unrests are isolated to America (or to a race or gender) are completely bogus. They could be in fact adoptions of strange languages (and government subsidies for such groups) promoting such words freezing American society in the 1800s – as all progressives seem oddly stuck on.

Tell us if you think this is about empowering Jesse Jackson or Obama, or if this is a suicide that will empower none but promote instead a vacuum leadership which will usher a take over by foreign armies.

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