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#BlackLivesMatter co-founder threatens to shut down GOP convention

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors threatened that she and her group would shut down the GOP convention when referring to the deaths of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, on Melissa Harris-Perry’s failing TV show on MSNBC. None of the co-hosts on the panel challenged her characterization.

Cullors also addressed a question regarding a statement made by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. On Thursday, Bush told a reporter in New Hampshire “Black Lives Matter” is a “slogan” and that former MD Governor Martin O’Malley should not have had to apologize for saying “all lives matter.”

“We’re so uptight and so politically correct now that you apologize for saying lives matter?” he said. “Life is precious. It’s a gift from God. I frankly think that it’s one of the most important values that we have. I know in the political context, it’s a slogan, I guess,” O’Malley said.

Cullors wasn’t happy with either statement and while they forced O’Malley to retract his statement, she had this to say to the Republican party:

“And we — many folks have asked why would you go after the Democratic party? They’re on our side. What about the Republican party? And trust and believe that any opportunity we have to shut down a Republican convention, we will,” she said. We will make sure that our voices are made loud and clear. And we also want to be clear that the Democratic party isn’t off the hook.”

The MSNBC hosts chuckled at Cullors’ instead of pressing her on that threat. Watch the video segment here:

H/T – YouTube

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