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#BlackLivesMatter Degenerates Angry at JetBlue For Providing Free Flights to Officers to attend NYPD Funerals

Never mind these circumstances. Never mind the two cops were sitting in their cars doing their jobs. Never mind there was a crazed lunatic who had just killed his girlfriend a few hours earlier threaten to kill cops. All these cowards, hooligans want is to stir up trouble instead of looking for solutions. When JetBlue announced they would offer free flights to police officers across the United States to attend the NYPD funerals of Officers Rafael Ramos’ and Wenjian Liu, these kids went ballistic.

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These kids with no direction, who will probably never even fly JetBlue are calling for boycotts of the airline.

Here are many of the hated tweets of this degenerate generation:


But we have to be fair. JetBlue has also received positive comments from across the nation via Twitter

Even with hateful messages as #BlackLivesMater, there are good people out there with great hearts and will take care of America when called upon. Thank you JetBlue!













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