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#BlackLivesMatter protester spits at Trump supporter during Albany rally

If this was me…I wouldn’t have just taken the photo.

Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, and this Trump supporter had every right to protect herself from this vicious attack. I don’t condone violence in any instance, but I promise you I won’t let anyone spit on me.

I don’t mind the name-calling because most people don’t know anything about me personal wise but gathering up your body fluids to spray on my skin, it isn’t happening.

From Infowars:

Shock video footage shows a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protester spitting in a Trump supporter’s face during an event in Albany, New York last night.

“And what? And what?” the black woman repeatedly yells at the Trump supporter, who is arguing with her.

Within seconds, the African-American woman launches a glob of spit that covers the Trump supporter’s face as she recoils.

The Trump supporter then holds up her cellphone in an attempt to get a photograph of the culprit, before a number of black hands immediately go up to block the camera.

“That bitch just f**king spit in my face!” yells the Trump supporter, before another ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrator begins to argue with her.

No other conservative website will cover this on a fair basis because they don’t want to admit the intolerance of the left against Trump supporters but it’s there, and it’s nothing that is remotely funny.

Watch this video:

How many of you condone this action from the BlackLivesMatter member? How many of you think this is funny? Are you angry at this exhibition of lawlessness? Share your opinion (below) in our comment section.

h/t – Infowars

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