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“Blazing Saddles”, Mongo and Tyranny: How I See Things


More and more lately I feel like Mongo in that hilarious movie. My guess, dear newsninja2012 readers, is that you do too. I would venture the Washington progressives see us in the same light. Mongo was a big old lumbering fellow and appeared to be none too bright at that. He was useful at times to do the grunt work and heavy lifting, but after he served a purpose he was pushed aside. He could get upset at times and that would scare his overseers, but they found ways to mollify old Mongo and keep him in his corner.  And oh yes who could forget his famous line: “Mongo just pawn in game of life”?  Does that ring true for you from time to time?

So if we are Mongo, then who is Hedley Lamar? In this mad mom’s mind Hedley was played by the late progressive president Woodrow Wilson. Ever since he came into office the progressives have been steadily building the train track heading for and straight into RockRidge.

We are living in a soft but ever hardening tyranny. Our RockRidge is our constitution. Our RockRidge is our privacy, speech, right to bear arms. All of our freedoms are being eroded and sadly there are millions among us unaware. What are we do to newsninja2012 fans?

WE NEVER give up! We must never quit having faith that good always prevails. Our goal is to throw off the shackles of soft tyranny. Just like Mongo, we can and we will because if you recall the movie, the second he flexed his arms the shackles fell off.

Refuse to ” just be pawn in game of life.”

About Kathryn Stuard

Full time patriot. Mother of five. Wife of best man in the world. I like to play tennis and shoot guns. But not at the same time. Follow me on twitter @westxgal

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