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BLM – Putin would be jealous

Apparently there is still one Olympic 2014 sport still left undecided between Russia & the USA; Land-grabbing. We have all watched over the last weeks and months as it has appeared that Barack Obama & Vladimir Putin are in a fevered competition to steal as much land as possible from the peasants. Putin does most of his dirty work himself while Obama hides behind massive bureaucracies like the BLM (what sounds more socialistic than the BUREAU of LAND MANAGEMENT?). Granted Obama didn’t invent the BLM but it is certainly a dream come true for the ultimate control freak.

Now we discover another story that has been in the works for some time involving the BLM, Oklahoma & Texas. As you will see from this informative video from the Texas Farm Bureau, the Red River boundary has been disputed for decades thanks to legalese. As you will hear, Oklahoma interprets the border of the Red River based on what benefits Oklahoma by saying that if the northern side of the river erodes it DOES NOT change Oklahoma’s legal boundary. However, if it erodes on the south side of the river further south then, of course, that means Oklahoma has NEW LAND!

The BLM says this on their webpage;  The BLM will work collaboratively with interested parties to identify the management decisions that are best suited to local, regional, and national needs and concerns.

Well, don’t I feel better? The BLM wants to work collaboratively with me & other interested parties to tell me what I can with my property. It is clear that the BLM & the Obama administration seeks to expand the property holdings of “the federal government” at whatever expense is necessary. When you have “states” like Nevada being nearly 85% “owned” by the federal government, how on earth can you truly have a 10th amendment that applies to ALL of the states equally?

I encourage readers, especially in Texas to contact their congressman, Governor Rick Perry, Jerry Patterson of the General Land Office and Attorney General (& next Governor) Greg Abbott to tell them it is way past time to tell the BLM we will protect ALL of our borders.

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Jason Moore (aka Captain Watchdog) is a Husband, father of 5 kids and a small business owner. He doesn't ask taxpayers to fund ANY of his business ventures. He is the host of Watchdog Radio which can be heard 5-7 PM on AM1070/FM107.1 in the Midland/Odessa Texas market or live streamed on the internet at www.kwel.com. He often reminds his kids "you can't save a nation if you can't clean your room"!

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