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BLOCKBUSTER! RUBIO: Cruz defended Chinese company who stole intellectual property from Florida businessman!

This just in!

Senator Marco Rubio today challenged Senator Ted Cruz to defend how he took the side of a Chinese company that stole intellectual property from an American man who lives in Florida.

According to Fox News, in 2008, Cruz who worked with a private firm provided the defense for the Chinese company which lost the lawsuit and had to pay the businessman over $26 million dollars.

Some say Cruz was not the “head chair” nor did he sit in the courtroom for the cast. In performing research, I found the following via the Texas Tribune, who did an entire fact check of the case:

The verdict was upheld on appeal, but Cruz was not among the lawyers doing the arguing part of it, and did not appear in court. Dewhurst has referred to Cruz as “lead counsel” in the case. The technical term for Cruz’s role is “counsel of record.” According to legal definitions listed on the Cornell Law School website and others, lawyers who act as counsel of record are responsible for the representation of the client, regardless of whether they ever appear in a courtroom on behalf of that client. In an interview, Cruz said he has never appeared in any courtroom in regard to this case. They are also required to sign legal documents and typically cannot be removed as counsel of record without court action.

Check out the video piece here:

Cruz has not yet responded to this news.

This was done in Iowa while Rubio was campaigning with Iowa junior Senator Joni Ernst . When Donald Trump hears about this you can best believe he’s going to use it until next Monday’s caucuses!


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