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Blood Ties Between Muslims And The Nazis

There is an obvious correlation one can make between radical Muslims and the Nazis because of their deep hatred of the Jewish people. But most don’t know that there WAS a collaborative connection before, during and after the Nazis attempted to exterminate the entire Jewish race during the second world war.

When the Nazis were eventually defeated, the “Hanjar Storm Troopers” welcomed them into the Middle East and gave them sanctuary.  Many high-ranking Nazis as well as Hundreds of concentration camp murderers fled to Iran, Syria, and Egypt  where they were embraced and protected by the Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the first Muslims to bridge the religious divide between the Christian Socialist Nazi party and the Muslims of what was then called “Ancient Palestine” was Haj Amin al-Husseini. He was born around 1897 in Jerusalem and as a teen, fought for the last caliphate of the 20th century, the Ottoman Empire. Now you have to understand that al-Husseini is not just “some guy in the neighborhood” that was anti-Semitic. He comes from the most powerful clan of the time in that part of the middle east. He was the son of the mufti of Jerusalem and prominent early opponent of Zionism. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is the highest religions honor that can be bestowed on a Muslim in that region. The Mufti is the Sunni Muslim cleric in charge of all of Jerusalem’s Islamic holy places and that includes the most important of all, the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The al-Husseini clan were mostly wealthy landowners in the south of Palestine, generally around the city of Jerusalem. Thirteen of the al-Husseini clan had been Mayors of Jerusalem between 1864 and 1920. Amin al-Husseini’s half-brother also served as Mufti of Jerusalem. It’s important to note the intense influence and power that the al-Husseini clan had around the turn of the century and beyond to comprehend the important and very significant connection created between the Muslim world and the Nazis before, during and after World War 2.

In his early 20s, Al-Husseini was in the forefront of the opposition to Zionism. When the United Kingdom were to establish a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine, he was implicated as a leader of a violent riot against the British implementation of the Balfour Declaration. With the 1917 Balfour Declaration, the UK became the first world power to endorse the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. Al-Husseini’s role in those bloody anti-Zionist riots got him sentenced to ten years imprisonment but he was later pardoned by the British. Starting in 1921, al-Husseini was appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and used this position to promote Islam while rallying a non-confessional Arab nationalism against Zionism

Until late 1920, al-Husseini focused his efforts on Pan-Arabism and the ideology of the Greater Syria. He focused in particular with Palestine understood as a southern province of an Arab state, whose capital was to be established in Damascus. Greater Syria was to include territory of the entire Levant, now occupied by Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus, the Palestinian Authority and Israel. THIS is where “The Islamic State” (or ISIS) got their name for, what President Obama refers to them as, “ISIL”: The Islamic State from Iraq to Levant. ISIS used the reference to Levant and in my opinion, Obama also uses the Levant as a thinly veiled dismissal of Israels right to exist. So as you can see, Al-Husseini’s anti-Semetic culture still exists today, even all the way to the Oval office. But back During World War II, Al-Husseini collaborated with Nazi Germany and the other European axis country, the Fascist Italy. He helped them by making propaganda radio broadcasts as well as helping Germans recruit Bosnian Muslims for the Waffen-SS. Al-Husseini also played a pivotal role in igniting a pro-Nazi coup in Iraq in 1941 as he urged Nazis and pro-Nazi governments in Europe to transport Jews to death camps. He also trained pro-Nazi Bosnian brigades, and funneled Nazi money and treasure into pro-war Arab countries.

When one thinks about Hitler and his Nazi nationalist movement, it does seem that the Nazis and Muslims would make strange partners. Hitler was known as a purist in the sense that he wanted to dominate the world with a blonde blue-eyed race of Christian Aryan Germans. But the only reasoning I can see as for that superficial notion of Hitler, is that it’s more of a generalization of historical facts. Truth of the matter was, Hitler was just as interested at exterminating the Jews as creating a pure Aryan world. There is also the fact that being a socialist, he was not too enthralled with the Christianity that was practiced by the Germans of the day. This quote exposes Hitler for what he really was and how he felt, as Al-Husseini felt, for the Nazi’s a true connection to the anti-Semite Muslims… “The only religion I respect is Islam. The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Muhammad.” Hitler as quoted by Ahmed Huber who was a Swiss German journalist that later himself, converted to Islam.

On meeting Adolf Hitler, Al-Husseini requested backing for Arab independence from the British and asked for Germany’s support in opposing the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine. But of course, Germany soon lost the war and Al-Husseini had to rally other anti-Zionists in the region for the fight against a Jewish state. Al-Husseini was important as a bridge figure in terms of transporting the Nazi genocide in Europe into the post-war Middle East. In the lead-up to the 1948 Palestine war, al-Husseini opposed both the UN Partition Plan of Palestine and formed his own militia, al-Jihad al-Muqaddas. In September 1948, he was part of the All-Palestine Government but that was eventually dissolved by then Egyptian president Abdel Nasser in 1959. After the war and then Palestinian exodus, his leadership was wholly discredited and that left him out of any position in the newly formed Palestine Liberation Organization. But his life long anti-Zionist obsession and collaboration with the Nazis set in motion a hatred of the Jewish race that can be seen today, NOT ONLY in Iran, the barbaric ISIS, but in Hamas as they too, deny Israels right to exist.

Even though it has been 70 years since the Nazi’s were defeated, the same means Adolph Hitler used to gain control over Germany, HAMAS is using to gain control over Gaza. The rabid anti-Semites, backed by Iran were voted in a free and democratic election with more than 80% of the vote. When given the opportunity to vote for peace or war with Israel, the Muslims of Gaza freely chose an anti-Semitic hate group to guide their future, just as the German people of the 30’s freely chose another hate group, the Nazis, to rule them. It seems quite obvious that the same rabid hatred, vitriol and blind bigotry has taken over the minds of the people of Gaza just as it did to the minds of the Germans under the Nazi propaganda machine.

But in the middle east during the rise of the Third Reich, the Palestinians, lead by the muftis were NOT the only Muslims partnering up with the Nazis. The “Young Egypt Party” was founded in October 1933 and they too were a  pro-Axis political party. This group was enthralled by the Nazi ideology and mimicked many of its hierarchy and sub-organizations. The Young Egypt Party created its OWN storm-trooper unit that  marched through Jewish neighborhoods with torches under the Nazi slogan “One folk, One party, One Leader.” Among the members of these Egyptian Nazis was the young Gamal Abdel Nasser, the future PRESIDENT of Egypt. Abdel Nasser was the second President of Egypt, serving from 1956 until his death in 1970. Nassiri Abdel Nasser, Gamal’s brother was the translator of Hitler’s Mein Kampf into Arabic and on many occasions, he described the Fascist butcher Hitler in glowing terms.

Another future Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat, who was made famous for his peace treaty with Israel in 1979 was ACTUALLY imprisoned during World War II for cooperating with the Nazis. As shocking as it sounds, Sadat wrote to the Führer towards the end of World War II: “My dear Hitler, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Even if you appear to have been defeated, in reality you are the victor. You succeeded in creating dissensions between Churchill, the old man, and his allies, the Sons of Satan. Germany will win because her existence is necessary to preserve the world balance. Germany will be reborn in spite of the Western and Eastern powers. There will be no peace unless Germany once again becomes what she was.”

One could argue that Sadat was more pragmatic in his later years as to brokering in peace than actually having a change of ideology. The Egyptian people were sick of the never-ending battles between them and Israel and one could make a convincing argument that Sadat was more interested in keeping his position as President than to continue to be ideologically driven with his allegiance to the Nazi philosophy. His Liberal policies were also making him unpopular throughout Egypt and there had been riots against him in the streets in 1977. This upheaval could have been WHY he betrayed his core anti-Semitism to give in to the peoples will and seek peace with his enemy Israel JUST to retain his own power.

And as you know, because of this betrayal to the Muslims basic belief that Israel MUST be wiped off the face of the earth, he was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the SAME Muslim brotherhood that was outlawed in the 1970s in Egypt because they were branded as a terrorist organization. This is the SAME Muslim Brotherhood that the President of the United States, Barack Obama embraced and supported AND sent $1.3 billion worth of weapons which included tanks and F-16 fighters. This is the SAME Muslim Brotherhood that has its hierarchy NOW in prison after being in power after the Arab spring and is ONCE AGAIN outlawed in Egypt and has had its assets seized by the current government. This is the SAME Muslim Brotherhood that was created in the 1920’s by a young Egyptian by the name of Hasan al Banna. After the rise of the National Socialist Workers Party, otherwise known as the NAZI party, Banna followed their ideology and techniques with admiration. Banna wrote quite often to Hitler during the ’30s and was a passionate follower of Der Fuehrer. Because of his devotion to Hitler, close to 1940, Banna was honored with a meeting with Heinrich Himmler who was the Reichsführer of the SS. The SS was the armed wing of the Nazi Party’s Schutzstaffel or “Protective Squadron”. The SS under Himmler’s command was responsible for many of the most heinous crimes against humanity during the Second World War. It was the most vicious and ruthless arm of the Nazi party. As a result of this meeting between Banna and Himmler, the Muslim Brotherhood was adopted INTO a secret arm of Nazi intelligence. This blood pack was what Hassan Banna needed to raise the profile of the Muslim Brotherhood and attract other devout anti-Semite Muslims in the region. In the 2 years before World War II, between 1936 and 38, the Muslim Brotherhood membership grew from 800 to 800,000. As the War began, the Muslim Brotherhood enjoyed ENORMOUS POWER with more than a million members with over 2 thousand smaller branches throughout the Muslim world.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s allegiance to the Nazis throughout the war grew exponentially with covert joint operations. It was also common place for them to have secret visits and clandestine exchanges of its emissaries. The Brotherhood worked tirelessly to translate all of the Nazi propaganda, from hateful cartoons and radio broadcasts, into Arabic to brainwash the Muslim world to hate the Jews and to portray them NOT as enemies of Germans and Europeans but ENEMIES of Allah. They also took Nassiri Abdel Nasser’s Arabic translation of Mein Kampf and re-named it “MY JIHAD”. The Muslim Brotherhood not only pledged to Hitler to join in  the extermination of the Jewish people, but they would support the Nazi’s northern Africa campaign and would slaughter all westerners in Egypt, in particular, the Americans and British, EVEN their women and children.

So as in today as with ISIS, this radical Muslim sect is NOT only focused on wiping out the Jewish race but they also want to strike in the UK and the United States as the ISIS Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said just last month: “I’ll See You in New York”.

Unless we WAKE UP and realize that the radical Muslims of today have EXACTLY the same hatred of Israel and ALL westerners as the Nazis did and the Muslims that aided them during world war II did, WE WILL see terror attacks like that of 9-11 again and maybe worse. Bin Laden called the US a “paper tiger” and set the twin tower attack plan in motion when President Bill Clinton turned tail and bugged out of Mogadishu. President Obama bugged out of Iraq ONLY to fulfill an empty campaign promise with NO thought as to what this might entail for the future of the region and it was THIS VACUUM of military power HE created, that gave birth to ISIS: the FIRST caliphate in almost 100 years.

We The People also have to point out that Bill Clinton was naive to think that helping the Muslims in Bosnia in the mid-90s would give us favor in the Muslim world. The 9-11 plot was hatched at the SAME TIME we were stopping the genocide against the Bosnian Muslims. We also have to show how Barack Obama’s apology tour in the Middle East as well as the shameful Cairo speech did NOT give the US any favor against the “religion of peace” that wants to behead ALL of us infidels as they did with Americans James Foley, Steven Sotloff and Brit David Haines.

We The People MUST create awareness as to the dangers that are staring us in the face but the politicians in Washington DC REFUSE to see. For those who refuse to learn from the past, history WILL repeat itself. We the people MUST reject the Islamo-facist apologists on the left that try to turn domestic terror attacks like the Fort Hood Shooting by Nadil Hassan, and the recent ISIS style beheading in Oklahoma by recent radicalized Muslim Alton Nolen into just simple, lone wolf acts of “work place violence”. WE the people MUST open the eyes of our fellow citizens to the growing radical Muslim threat. The new Nazis do NOT speak German but  Arabic. They are not looking to create an Aryan race but a worldwide caliphate that oppresses men AND women under Sharia law, those that DO convert to Islam and kills those who do not convert. It’s up to us. DO NOT let the United States down. Do NOT let history down.

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