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Keep sending the same guys to Washington and you'll get the same results!

Boehner Wins Ohio Primary; Highlights Bigger Problem

John Boehner wins the primary in Ohio and we’re all supposed to jump for joy? Not a chance. This just highlights what has been said before about insanity within the GOP.

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At some point, things will have to change. Are we at that tipping point yet? Hardly seems so when the Washington cronies cruise to victory in a primary. Boehner is just another Washington elite.

He works day in and day out protecting and promoting himself in order to get re-elected. He’s been there for 12 terms! If this is okay with you, then stop reading.

Look, we’ve got real problems and they won’t just fix themselves. How are things going to get fixed if we continue to send the same people back? Here’s some news for you: THEY WON’T! Vote for the same people, and you’ll get the same results.

Guys like Boehner don’t want to take action. They just want a nice soft leather chair to sit back in and make plans for their next golf outing with Obama. You’re a fool if you don’t think these Washingtonians don’t get along.

They certainly get along on the idea of passing amnesty quick fast and in a hurry. There is a cancer in Washington, and we need to start treatments in order to remove it.

Eminem said it best when he said: “Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say. But nothin’ comes out when they move they lips. Just a buncha gibberish.”

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My name is Daniel Stafford, aka The Stafford Voice. I may be only one 'Conservative in a world of Liberal,' but I don't and won't let that stop me. Just because I don't wear the uniform anymore doesn't mean I'm not a soldier!

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