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BOMBSHELL! Watchdog Group just EXPOSED Hillary Clinton 5-Month Email Gap

Judicial Watch releases another devastating blow to the Hillary Clinton campaign with emails released today as a result of their FOIA lawsuit. According to Judicial Watch a five-month gap occurred as follows:

1/21/2009 – 4/12/2009:  January 21st marks Clinton’s first day as Secretary of State for the Obama Administration, April 13, marks the first email sent from Hillary Clinton’s email account.

12/30/2012 – 2/1/2013: December 30th marks the date of the last email sent from Hillary’s email account, February 1st marks Mrs. Clinton’s last day in office.

If the gap of email was not enough of a devastating blow, Judicial Watch uncovered two additional juicy nuggets sure to require further investigation and FOIA requests:

Cheryl Mills used personal email account ([email protected] ) to conduct government business An email uncovered shows an State Department representative preferred to discuss in person Clinton’s lack of email transparency rather than communicate via email.

According to Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton,

“Judicial Watch’s discovery of the Clinton email ‘gap’ may take a place in history next to the discovery of the Nixon tapes, the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton have taken their cover-up of the email scandal too far.  I suspect that federal courts will want more information, under oath, about the issues raised in these incredible documents.”

Oh the irony! You cannot make this stuff up!

Thanks to Judicial Watch and the FOIA lawsuits filed, we may be able to get to the truth about Benghazi, Clinton’s use of a private server, and the IRS scandal.

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